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In today’s newsletter I want to do something a little different.

I’m always talking about businesses and side hustles that make you money but I rarely talk about the other side of the coin: how to save money. Why? Well, because making money is way more fun!

But that doesn’t mean saving money isn’t important, because it is. If you think about it, the more you’re able to save, the more you’re actually taking home.

And that’s why today I’ve got an app I think you want to know about. It saves users an average of $340 a year and can earn you up to:

  • 25¢ per gallon cash back on gas

  • 45% back at restaurants

  • And 30% back at grocery stores

Wanna know what it is? Let me introduce - the Upside app. 

We all know how expensive things have gotten recently… (cough, cough inflation 🤬) Having an app that saves you money is a breath of relief, and honestly it saves you quite a bit.

How much?
On average, users earn ~$28/mo using the app in their normal routine. It’s not going to make you rich but that’s almost 3 free Chipotle bowls every month - I’ll take that! 😋 Plus if you use it more, you’ll earn more!

It’s a slept on app that not many know about but since you’re on my private email list I’ll run you through how it works.


Let’s use a super common scenario: you’re on your way home from work and your car’s on empty - it’s time to fill up!

Instead of just going to any gas station, you hop on the Upside app and it tells you what gas stations nearby are giving the best offers. Like this 👀

You can see around me I have offers ranging from 31¢ to 37¢ off each gallon.

Just click “Claim Offer” on the gas station/deal you want and then you have a few hours to go claim it.

So following our scenario, you go to the gas station where you claimed the offer, fill up, and your earnings are processed in your account same day - simple as that!

Now that was just a gas example to show how the app works. The bigger cash back rewards come from restaurants and groceries.

After using the app for some time now I think there are two big advantages to Upside over other apps:

  1. You don’t have to worry about taking a picture of the receipt and all that headache. Just link your debit/credit card in the app and once you pay using the card it all automatically gets tracked and you get rewarded

  2. You can cash out with a gift card, your PayPal account, or send it directly to your bank (which I always do)

So that’s how it works. It’s pretty simple, once you open the app it walks you through how to use it.

But if you’re like me, the first question you’re probably asking yourself is “So it’s free and I get money back… is this legit?”

The short answer: yes it’s legit. They’ve been around since 2015 and even people on Reddit say they are earning money, which is when you know it’s legit.

Upside makes money from bringing businesses incremental sales. So when Upside gives you a discount and you start frequenting that location because of the discounts, that’s more sales for the store and they pay Upside a cut for bringing those customers.

A pretty sweet business model if you ask me. It’s what I call a win-win-win.

Now since I love saving you guys money, I worked a little magic and talked to the folks over at Upside.

For my readers only, they’re offering an additional 25¢ off each gallon on your first fill up. So whatever cash back rate you see on the app, add another 25¢ per gallon to it on your first fill up!

In order to get these savings you have to use this special link they gave me or put in my exclusive promo code “FAARES” when signing up.

Trust me, as someone who’s tried a lot of these cashback/savings apps, Upside is by far the easiest to use and earns me the most. So if you want to save on purchases you’re already going to make, I’d encourage you to check it out!




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