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We've all been there, haven't we? That dreaded single life where your idea of a hot date is Netflix and microwave popcorn 😅

According to recent data, 31% of US adults are single, and 15% of those are actively looking for love.

Sure, apps like Bumble and Tinder promise to be the matchmakers of the century. But here's the catch—you've got mere seconds to impress someone.

They see your face and what you’re into, but what about your personality? Turns out, that's the biggie! Research shows that people would choose personality over looks and money.

I mean, let's face it, would you want to be with someone who is the most boring person in the world, even if they are a 10? Most likely not.

So, here's the thing: I found a way for you to play Cupid by hosting weekly singles parties and, of course, getting paid for it.

Now, there's a company called Chaotic Singles Party that does this and they have a crazy founding story.

Last year on Valentine’s day Cassidy Davis told all her friends to invite one random guy from Tinder to her house party.

A lot were probably like “I’m getting catfished” and that’s why only ~25 people showed up. But as virality on TikTok will have it, she created a video, stitched all the highlights of the party together and it went VIRAL!

2 weeks later she posted about throwing another one and 500 people showed up 😮

Her life hasn’t been the same since.

She’s now partnered with Tinder and gets paid to host these monthly singles parties in different cities around the US. And these aren’t those 25 person parties from when she started, they’re 200-300 people in big venues and they look like a ton of fun.

Tinder even promotes her parties on the app!

But here’s the thing: that’s only one app with one person throwing monthly parties in different cities. The dating industry is massive. Tinder gets almost 1 million downloads a month 👀

Tinder made close to 2 billion dollars last year and has 75 million users 🤯

Bumble, a similar story but smaller. 50 million users and almost one billion in revenue last year. Aka these companies aren’t messing around.

The idea has already been proven to work and I think there’s an opportunity here to do something very similar by dominating your specific city and doing weekly/bi-weekly singles parties.

Now, chances are, you probably already have singles events and parties in your city, this isn’t a new idea. But they are usually very small and kinda lame so people don't attend.

You need to throw AMAZING parties and events that everyone in town is eager to attend!

Here's how you can do it (Cassidy Davis style)

Don’t underestimate the power of social media

Just like the creator of Chaotic Singles Party did, use socials to get the word out. Encourage attendees to post pictures and videos of themselves having a blast at your party on TikTok and IG (Stories & Feeds).

People’s curiosity (and longing for love) will drive them in, and they'll want more details on how to attend the next one.

You could even work with local businesses and influencers to gain more traction on social media.

At the start, at least for the first one, don’t charge anyone. Instead, offer free entry to get as many people to come as possible who can spread the word (this is what Cassidy did)

As you grow and more people start coming, you can charge per ticket.

Chaotic Single Parties charges between $22 and $55 per ticket for a party in Miami. If you charge within this range, you’re looking at $4,400–$11,000 for a party with 200 guests.

But of course, this is for a party in Miami. You can charge lower or higher rates depending on your location and venue.

You can see they have some on the lower end for their Los Angeles party.

Make it exclusive—maybe do weekly ticket drops where only 100-200 people are allowed. People love exclusivity. The FOMO is real.

Also create a simple website for event info and ticket sales. This is what the home page of Chaotic Singles Parties looks like:

Make it fun with games

If there’s one thing everybody loves, it’s having great games at a party. Two Truths And A Lie, Karaoke, and Charades are all great icebreakers.

Pointers from ya boy

  • Poll your attendees before & after - this will allow you to tailor your party to their wants and see how you did. Each time you’ll get better and better!

  • Try different demos - older people need love too! I could see a 50+ singles party crushing it

  • Once you have hundreds showing up look into hiring an MC - this means you don’t even have to be at the party to make money

The dating scene is huge and the data shows millions of people are looking for love. This idea can do really well with some grit. And who knows maybe you’re sponsored by Hinge or Bumble in under a year like Cassidy was!

Enjoy the weekend. Happy hustling! 👊 

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