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*That was the sound of you hitting your golf ball in the water.*

If you've ever golfed you know two things are certain:

#1 You're going to swear at some point
#2 You're going to lose a crap ton of balls

Today, you'll want to thank all those bad golfers in your life (you know who they are) because they've created a great side hustle for you.

Well, more than just a side hustle. The refurbished/recycling golf ball industry is worth $200 million.

Here's a couple stats for ya:

  • There are over 16,000 golf courses in the US

  • There are 25 million golfers with an average handicap of 16

While that handicap actually isn't bad, it's calculated by people who track their scores, and guess who tracks their scores? Yep, the good players. This number is much higher (which means worse).

Basically, what I'm saying is the average golfer isn't that good. Imagine how many golf course lakes look like this at the bottom:

This brings us to today's side hustle: retrieving golf balls and reselling them.

The math here is simple. If you're able to find quality balls, you can make a lot of money.

The cream of the crop golf ball is a Titleist Pro V1. It looks like this:

If you find one in great condition, you just made $2. Yep, get 5 of these bad boys and you've got yourself free Chipotle! You can see how quickly this adds up.

Here's an eBay seller selling 100 great condition Pro V1s for $210:

If you have a keen eye, you'll see they've had 6,718 sales. If we estimate that every sale is approximately $40, they've made $268,720!

Why is the used golf ball market so big?
Because these high-end balls go for almost $5 a pop brand new. That means a new pack of these runs you $60, plus tax! And if you golf, you know these will most likely all be gone by the end of a round 😅

Golfers don't want to pay this absurd price, especially when they can get ones that were hit a few times and ended up in a lake for half the price.


1. Call the golf course

The first step is getting permission. We don't want any trespassing fines.

Offer to clean up their course for free by grabbing balls that were eaten up by lawnmowers (they have no value to you but make the course look nicer) and also lost balls that you get to keep.

I doubt they'll say no to free labor but if they do, try offering 10% of your sales or a flat fee - that should get them interested.

2. Get your equipment

You can buy a ball retriever if getting in the water seems daunting because it does to me.

Take this further than just lakes and ponds - search the woods too.

After you've made a decent amount of money from this side hustle to get more efficient and make more money buy proper equipment (a winch and golf ball collector) like this guys.

3. Retrieve the golf balls

It's time to get searching, whether that's in the water or the woods.

I've got 2 tips for ya:

#1 Use a UV light at night and search the woods. All the golf balls will illuminate making them 10 times faster to find!

#2 Search on the right side of the fairways first. Most golfers are right-handed and slice the ball, which means most of the balls will be in the right hazards.

Once you've got a couple backpacks worth clean those suckers up, categorize them by brand, and they're ready for sale!

4. Sell on eBay, FB, or at the course you found them

Facebook Marketplace and eBay are your best friends. You will get sales if you find good balls, trust me my friend does this.

Selling in bulk will be the easiest way to run this side hustle efficiently. You don't want to be selling 50 golf balls at a time (unless they're $2 a ball) because it will eat up your time meeting with customers.

Sell 500 golf balls every 2 weeks and you're easily looking at an extra 500 to 1,000 dollars a month.

This might seem like a lot of balls but it's really not. In one day a packed golf course can easily collect that many lost balls.

The other place to sell these balls is at the very course you found them at. Since you already got permission, you probably built somewhat of a good relationship with the course.

Offer to sell them in the pro shop while giving them a percentage of sales, of course. This way you’ll have potential customers coming in all day long and you don’t have to deal with any shipping or meeting customers.

Fun fact: my friend’s mom works at a golf course and we’re going to do this. If you guys are interested I can share the haul. Lmk!

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That’s all I’ve got. Happy hustling! 👊


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