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In today's edition, we're talking about how you can make $100 an hour by providing home-based beauty and wellness treatments.

The at-home economy is ever-growing. Anything that we want nowadays can pretty much be delivered right to our doorstep.

You have Instacart for groceries, Amazon for Christmas presents, and DoorDash or Ubereats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... I think you catch my drift.

In-home massages are no different. Be the business that brings deep-tissue massages or beautifully decorated nails for the holidays to people’s front porches.

When's the best time to start this business? 
Right now! Why? The demand for “massage at home” hit an all-time high during covid and has remained high since 👀 

It's clear. People have become accustomed to things coming to them, and that's fine! More opportunities for you.

Plus, let's be real. Who doesn't love a spa day?

(my team thinks they're real funny with these pics 😂😂)


1. Train yourself

If you're not experienced in the beauty and wellness field but it's something you have a passion for, teach yourself!

Start small. Kick off your business by providing only one service, maybe massages or manicures. As you get more clients and more comfortable, move into facials and then pedicures - you decide.

Nowadays, almost anything can be learned through YouTube. Looking to learn how to professionally give someone a deep-tissue massage? They’ve got that. 

Just don't do any back alignments. That's for trained and licensed chiropractors. You don't want your clients ending up like this when they try to get off the couch:

You want them leaving like Mary Poppins:

2. Gather equipment and supplies

Next, you'll need to gather the essentials to provide your services. This might include massage tables, hot stones, face masks, facial steamers, or nail polish.

Don't cheap out on these products. Invest in high-quality, professional-grade equipment to provide the best experience for your clients.

3. Outline your packages

Create a set of packages for your customers to choose from and set them up to maximize your revenue.

Check out Ultimate Massage Spa's packages for deep tissue massages. See how they’re set up to incentivize more sessions?

This offering of discounts encourages repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

4. Obtain necessary licenses and permits

Message therapists are required to get a license in the state where they practice... for the most part.

The states where you don't need a license are:

  • Minnesota

  • Kansas

  • Wyoming

  • Vermont

  • California (depends on the city)

  • Indiana (as long as you don't call yourself a "massage therapist" - leave it to Indiana to have the weirdest law)

In all other states, you need to pass what's known as the MBLEx (the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam) to operate a legal massage business.

I won't sugar coat it, this exam will take time to complete (most say it takes 1-3 months to study for).

The good news?
73% pass on the first try, and once you pass it, you don't have to worry about any fines or legal issues. You can solely focus on building your business 💪

5. Fire up your social media accounts

You can't have a business if no one knows you're out there. Since you won't be in a brick-and-mortar building, it's time to market your business properly.

Start by reaching out to potential clients to let them know about your services. Your inner circle, or second circle I’ll call it (friends of friends) is where I’d start.

Every time you complete a session, take a photo of your client’s beautiful nails, and ask them to tag you on their socials. Anything to get your name out there.

I’d also try networking with other professionals in this space. Tell them your story. People love to help, you just need the courage to ask!

Alright, ready for some public math? Here’s the breakdown of how much you can make.

Let's say after some time you're able to schedule 10 sessions per weekend with each one averaging $80. That's $800 per weekend, or $3.2k/mo.

You'll probably be able to take home around 50-60% of that considering you're mobile and don't have to pay a huge rent bill every month. Now you're at 1.9k/mo in profit - almost a whole average salary ($52,000)!

Only able to get 5 sessions per weekend? Cut it in half - $400/wk. Still not too shabby at $1.6k/mo!


  • Start this as a side hustle on the weekends - that's when most of your clients will be available anyway with work. As it becomes larger and you're no longer able to meet the demand, hire a professional massage therapist and scale!




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