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How would you feel if you could get paid to just search things online? Because chances are, you already do...a lot.

Welcome to the life of a Search Engine Evaluator.

They're the people that help massive search engine algorithms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo make sure they provide the correct items to us when we search things online.

So if you typed in "dog" and got a picture of me, well we know that’s off.. unless it’s spelled "dawg" 😉

So what are the pros and cons?


  • no experience to get going, all you need is a smartphone and personal computer

  • it’s a work whenever you want job


  • The more you work the more you get paid - no passive income

The only requirement is you need to have experience with web browsers, web pages, search queries, and search tools, which is basically a fancy way of saying you need to know how to use Google Chrome.

How do you find these jobs?

There are plenty of listings out there but I’ll do you one better - you can use a website like Appen, that is always looking for people.

They have the best reviews and pay around $10 an hour, which from Reddit, is super variable.

Take this Reddit user as an example:

So considering you can set your own schedule and work whenever and wherever you want with no experience, I’d consider this a pretty good online gig to make extra money.


1. Create a profile

When you first get into Appen, you'll make an account and create a profile.

They'll ask you things like:

  • What country you live in

  • What language you speak

  • How old you are

All the things they need to bucket you into a demographic when collecting their data.

You'll then be able to roll into step #2 and start selecting projects.

2. Apply to projects

The nice thing about Appen is they have many different projects on their job board including:

  • search evaluation

  • data collection

  • transcription

  • social media

  • linguistics

When you sign up you’ll see all the available projects listed with the pay 👀

All you have to do is choose one that interests you and apply.

Once you do you’ll be asked a few questions about yourself like "Name a time when you handled a conflict well at work."

This is because you're actually applying to real companies through Appen. They're just the middle man so answer these professionally so you're chosen for the task.

Pro Tip: Take the long-term projects instead of becoming an independent contractor. They'll give you a more consistent workflow and income.

3. Pass the exam

Step #3 is only for Search Engine Evaluator projects.

These pay the most but are also the most difficult, so they require some training.

I found on Appen a listing for a Map Search Evaluator - someone to ensure when people are typing in an address, it's taking them to the right location.

They're paying a $400 bonus if you're selected, $10 per hour with a required 15 hours per week, and a possibility for up to 40 hours per week if you want it.

Why are they giving you a fat bonus?

Because this job requires some work upfront - that isn't paid.

In order for you to qualify you must successfully complete an entrance exam that consists of:

  • theoretical questions (20)

  • practical questions (20 sets)

  • location based quiz (paid)

Now I won't lie to you guys, people on Reddit have said this test is hard and takes a couple days to study for but they've also said it's worth it if you're selected because the work isn't that hard and the pay is good.

It takes around 2 hours to complete and once you do, you won't have to do it for every project.

As I was reading the real reviews of Appen on Reddit (so you don’t have to) I came away with 2 insights:

  • Some people make $1,000 a month and others are making next to nothing. It's really what you make of it and how seriously you take it.

  • The big projects pay well but over the last year project selection has dried up. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a project, it just means you have to be patient. There is record low unemployment in the markets today aka everyone who wants a job has one. If there’s no good projects when you sign up, set a reminder on your calendar to check back in a month.




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