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You know Squarespace. The website that pretty much every person is running their website on - these guys:

And you know Etsy - the website that you go to for fashionable clothes, jewelry, homemade crafts, artwork, and literally anything.

Well, turns out there's a huge market for creating Squarespace templates and selling them on Etsy.

I mean if I just guesstimate the sales on this template (since Etsy took away seller metrics 🙁)… there’s 788 reviews. On average, 10% of people leave reviews, so roughly 7,880 sales 👀

Why are there so many sales for this?

When people go to create their website on Squarespace, they have no idea where to start or what style they're going for. It's kinda like walking into a candy store.

How do you just choose one?

This is the same dilemma website creators face when they first start and this is why a pre-made template is so appealing.

And these Etsy sellers are RAKING in the doe. That example I showed earlier has made roughly $680,000 (7,880 sales * $86.25) from just one template. Now that's a lot of zeros.


1. Create a Squarespace account

This is where you're going to create your beautiful website template that you're later going to sell on Etsy.

I won’t sugarcoat it - this is not going to be easy.

You do need a good eye for detail and design in able to do this side hustle.

Figuring out what colors and designs flow the best will take time to master but luckily for you, there's hundreds of tutorials on YouTube (like this one) on how to use Sqaurespaces' style editing software to speed up the process for you.

2. List your template on Etsy

After you have a dope website design, it's time to list it on Etsy and get buyers!

You know what they say, "learn from the pros" and this applies on Etsy. Here's a link to the nature inspired template from earlier who makes around $680k.

The seller does an amazing job at clearly marketing how the process works and the benefits a great template has on sales, so check it out.

3. Grant ownership to the buyer

Now, every time you get a sale you're going to give your website design to them...after making sure you have done a few very important things first.

The whole goal of selling templates is to make it once and sell it multiple times over. To do that you need to follow these steps:

First, you're going to make a duplicate of your website so you’re not sharing your original copy with the person buying it.

Next, you're going to "Invite Contributor", add their email and make sure they're an administrator so they have full access to your template and can easily use it for their website.

Here, I made a little diagram for you to follow when you get your first sale! 😊 

This is a gem of a side hustle and it's actually scalable (not something that's always possible). So take it seriously and reap the benefits down the road!

For all my hustlers out there, let me know how this goes by responding to any of my emails in the future - I love hearing your success stories. Best of luck!


  • You can buy ads on Etsy called "Etsy Ads" to rank higher for search results - a great feature to get traffic quicker

  • Keep in mind Etsy takes a 6.5% cut of every sale - just the cost of doing business

  • It doesn’t only have to be Sqaurespace - Wix and Shopify templates are also popular on Etsy


what you doin if you’re grocery shopping and see this? 😂😂


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