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A few days ago I was scrolling on Twitter, as one does, and came across a tweet I think you’ll find quite interesting.

Here it is:

$3M ebitda for a sound dampening business?? I didn’t even know this existed.

If you’re wondering “What’s Ebitda?” it’s “earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization”. It’s a fancy way of looking at profitability - there’s your lesson of the day from Professor Q.

Now if you’re like me, you need to learn more. What the hell is this sound dampening you speak of and how does it work? Because people in the comments seem to love it:

Turns out, it’s known as the “acoustic insulation” market - sounds kinda cool. And it’s a little bigger than I thought.

Given this person makes $3M a year from what I assume is a small team and there are 660k restaurants in the US I figured the market size would be around $1 billion. Sounds reasonable right?

Nope! I was way off. This article says it’s $4.5B and this article says it’s $14B 🤯

So depending on who you believe it’s either big or REALLY big.

This got me thinking. If I were going out to start my own business that isn’t on the internet I would want a few things:

  • Not a brick and mortar - like a restaurant because you’re capped by travel (I want to be able to do business anywhere)

  • Not a lot of competition in my area - there’s no way more people are starting acoustic insulation companies than starting restaurants

  • Able to charge a lot for my product or service. It’s hard to grow a business charging 10 or 20 dollars because you have to sell soooo much to make money. If I had 10 clients that year I’d probably be at $500k if not more

Now because I was so interested I even learned about sound waves but I won’t bore you with that.

You want to know how you can make money from this. And the answer is a lot. BUT it’s really not a side hustle, it’s a full on business.

Yes you could do this on the weekends but after watching this video you realize it’s a learned art through experience.

That doesn’t mean you can’t, it will just take time. There are a ton of opportunities for sound dampening like:

  • movie theaters

  • bowling alleys

  • restaurants

  • libraries

  • airports

  • manufacturing plants

This means there will always be business. Pick a specialty like home theaters in the beginning then branch out to commercial restaurants and eventually sporting events.

Getting customers will be the hard part.

I’d run local FB ads showing your services. Heck maybe even hop on Nextdoor and see if people are looking to soundproof certain rooms.

If I were serious about starting this I would most likely work for someone in the business for a few months, learn the ropes, then do it myself.

There are a ton of benefits to this:

  • You learn how to deal with customers

  • You learn how they’re getting customers

  • You figure out what they’re charging and either undercut them or provide a better service

  • You learn how to actually soundproof a room so you know what you’re talking about when talking to clients

I just think it’s cool how there are some million dollar businesses out there that most of us never even knew existed. The saying “riches in niches” really is true.

That’s all I had for today I hope you guys have a great weekend! :) And if there any veterans are reading, thank you for your service. 🇺🇸


If you were scared AI is going to take over, it just got a little scarier. AI can now edit photos through natural language.

Oh you want a yellow line in the middle of the road? Just type “yellow road lines” and it’s there. It’s hard to describe just how crazy this is you need to watch the video. Bonkers!


lol imagine 😂😂

That's a wrap! Enjoy the weekend :)

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