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The other day I was listening to the All In Podcast and one of the billionaire hosts, David Friedberg, had a hot take.

His prediction: traditional businesses, like McDonald's, will be overthrown by content creators.

Why does he think this?

He looks at Mr. Beast's grand opening as an example.

When Mr. Beast opened his first brick and mortar store of MrBeast Burger he had 10,000+ people show up.

I mean just look at the kind of pull this guy has:

He set a world record for the most burgers sold in one day 🤯

This is exactly what Friedberg is talking about.

Today, traditional businesses don't make content to build communities. They solely rely on companies like Google and Facebook to push ads to their customers.

Mr. Beast has millions of people at his fingertips for distribution and they're basically free. This flips their ad spend business on its head while a multi-billion dollar business like McDonald's is spending $500M every year on ads.

Building a product is hard but building a community is 10x harder and that’s what content creators have - the customers to scale quickly and be fierce competition to the big boys.

So, how can you make money from creators becoming mainstream with massive pull?

I got one:

1. Bring content creators together

Imagine if you had Mr. Beast, Logan Paul, KSI, and PewDiePie all in on one product. That's hundreds of millions of followers that could take over literally any brand in the world.

The chances of rounding up this caliber of influencers would be almost impossible, though.

I think you would be able to interest content creators like me though - ones with a few million followers across all platforms.

The pitch: Instead of every influencer starting their own line of makeup or pushing their own course, band together 5-10 influencers to build a billion dollar business.

Why wouldn't they just do this themselves?

They could...but many are busy and typically don't have the time to do the day-to-day.

That's where you come in - the executor. Every person needs an executor in their life. Someone who just gets sh*t done.

Your most important job would be building the product or service. You already have the marketing being done by the gigantic ad machine behind you - the influencers.

A Prime Example:

Logan Paul and KSI recently came together to rival Gatorade by creating Prime Hydration and reportedly did $250M in sales in their first year.

This is the power of influence.


Another idea and trend from a different podcast I was listening to is from My First Million.

One of the hosts, Shaan Puri, was talking about Mr. Beast's international channels.

Yeah, that's right. He has multiple:

  • MrBeast en Español - 24.3M subs

  • MrBeast Brasil - 5.9M subs

  • MrBeast Russia - 5.7M subs

This must be a lot of work? Nope! Mr. Beast posts the same exact video and hires voice actors to dub his videos in other languages... and these channels have been absolutely exploding.

Look at this growth for MrBeast Brasil on Social Blade 👀

That's almost 6 million subscribers in a year and a half - here lies the opportunity:

1. Starting a YouTube channel in another country.. or turning it into a service

The US YouTube market is amazing but the competition is insane.

Everyone and their uncle is a YouTuber or has at least tried once, which has greatly saturated the US market.

This isn't the case in other countries.

Other countries that aren’t first-world don’t have anywhere near the education we have, the production capabilities we have, or the resources we have to make videos.

This is why your videos could do that much better in other countries where the market isn’t as saturated.

Here are the top 10 countries for YouTube use. These are where I'd start.

Source: Statista

Create YouTube videos, post them in the US, and dub them for all the countries on this list.

That’s if you want to be a creator. The other way is to turn this into a dubbing service for other YouTubers, which is exactly what Mr. Beast is doing. You’d be helping creators grow worldwide.

How would you start?

1. Pre-Sell to gauge interest

Heat up that email cause you’re going to fire off emails to every creator you can find - even the big ones, their teams will probably respond.

Tell them you and “your team” provide dubbing services that can help expand their audience worldwide and tap into growing markets.

While you’re doing this start searching for that team you claimed you had.

Here’s how you’ll want to do it
Hop on a freelancer site, like Fiverr, and find bilingual, high-energy people. This will ensure you can manage them and they’ll understand what the video is saying to dub better.

2. Think about your deal structure

There’s two ways you can go about this.

#1 Charge a flat monthly fee

Not a bad idea and definitely the most common. This will grow linearly as you gain more clients.

#2 Little monthly fee but get % of revenue

I’m always in the equity camp because you just never know and it gives you the opportunity to make outsized gains when you own part of a business. There’s more uncertainty but who knows, maybe that 5-10% stake in a creator’s YouTube channel turns out to be huge.

#3 Keep the machine running

From here, your job is to acquire new clients and be a good people gatherer. That’s how I like to think about people who are good at business. They’re really good at gathering great people.


Oh, the irony 😂😂

That's a wrap! Enjoy the weekend :)

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